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The Lord's Highland Temptation

Shipwrecked with the Captain

A Lady Becomes a Governess

A Pregnant Courtesan for the Rake

Bound by their Secret Passion

Bound by a Scandalous Secret

Bound by One Scandalous Night

Bound by Duty

A Lady of Notoriety

A Marriage of Notoriety

A Reputation for Notoriety

Born to Scandal

A Not So Respectable Gentleman?

The Liberation of Miss Finch, an Undone short story

Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy

Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress

Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady

Justine and the Nobel Viscount, a novella in The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor

The Unlacing of Miss Leigh, an Undone short story

Scandalizing the Ton

The Vanishing Viscountess

Innocence and Impropriety

A Twelfth Night Tale, a novella in Mistletoe Kisses

A Reputable Rake

The Wagering Widow

The Mysterious Miss M



By Series


The Governess Swap Series

1. A Lady Becomes a Governess

2. Shipwrecked with the Captain


The Society of Wicked Gentlemen 

1. A Convenient Bride for the Soldier by Christine Merrill

2. An Innocent Maid for the Duke by Ann Lethbridge


4. A Secret Consequence for the Viscount by Sophia James


The Masquerade Club Series

1. A Reputation for Notoriety

2. A Marriage of Notoriety

3. A Lady of Notoriety


The Three Soldiers Series

1. Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady

2. Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress

3. Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy

4. The Liberation of Miss Finch (an Undone short story)


The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor Series

1. Justine and the Noble Viscount (a novella)

2. A Not So Respectable Gentleman?


The Mysterious Miss M Series

1. The Mysterious Miss M

2. The Wagering Widow

3. A Reputable Rake

4. Innocence and Impropriety

5. The Vanishing Viscountess

6. Scandalizing the Ton


Stand Alone Books

The Lord's Highland Temptation

Born to Scandal

The Unlacing of Miss Leigh (an Undone short story)

A Twelfth Night Tale, a novella in the anthology Mistletoe Kisses


Written as Diane Perkins

The Marriage Bargain

The Improper Wife