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September 28, 2021

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Craving My Roommate is my new venture, a contemporary anthology (yep! I'm writing a contemporary romance story!) including 40 stories by 40 authors all around the theme of roommate romance! Release is July, 2024, but help us get the word out by pre-ordering now.

Being a part of this anthology means lots of promotion on our parts, so you may be hearing from me a little more often than merely my book announcements. We want this anthology to be a big success!

Thanks so much!
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The Lady Behind the Masquerade by Diane Gaston

The Lady Behind the Masquerade, Book 2 in A Family of Scandals series, is available now in ebook, mass market paperback, and trade paperback (something new from Mills and Boon). If you've preordered. your book might be there now. Or you might also find the book in your local Barnes & Noble or Walmart.

This is Wolf's story--Marcus Wolfdon, the younger brother of Eliza, the heroine of Book 1, Secretly Bound to the Marquess.
When old enough, Wolf fled the drama and chaos his parents created throughout his childhood to dedicate himself to diplomatic life. After Napoleon’s final defeat, Wolf is posted to Paris where he meets a mysterious French woman in a gambling establishment and shares a profound, passionate encounter with her, only to have her run off with all his money.
Several months later he is called back to England when his father is near dying. His father recovers, though, and Wolf agrees to accompany his parents to Brighton as his father recuperates. Who should Wolf encounter in Brighton but the same woman who stole his money in Paris, only she is now introduced to him as Juliana Walsh, long-lost cousin of his best friend’s mother, Lady Ashcourt.
Juliana is only masquerading as Lady Ashcourt’s cousin, but she cannot let anyone know, especially Wolf, who could ruin her by exposing her as a thief and gambler. This masquerade is Juliana’s only chance for a decent life. The passion sparked between Wolf and Juliana in Paris only intensifies, although neither trusts the other. When Juliana’s late father’s nefarious partners return with a scheme that could ruin Lady Ashcourt’s family, Juliana cannot save them without exposing her own subterfuge.
Wolf has the same dilemma. How can he thwart the partner’s scheme without ruining Juliana? Or does she deserve to be ruined? 

I loved setting this story in Brighton, still a vacation spot as it had been during the Regency. In fact, The Old Ship Hotel where Wolf and his parents stay still exists. I’ve been there! I hope The Lady Behind the Masquerade transports you to Brighton as well. It's summer and we all need the beach!

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